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Through the seasons, the top of your chimney (known as a chimney crown or chimney wash) takes quite a beating. Over time, the elements can wear down the topside of a chimney, causing cracks and voids where water can intrude and cause further damage down along the chimney body during a freeze/thaw process. Certain chimney tops have a corbelled finish where the masonry steps in over a few courses of brick. These steps, or shelves, will retain water rather than shed it away and are often subject to moss growth. 

In certain instances, when a chimney top is not too badly worn, resurfacing the chimney top and corbelled section is a viable repair option. Resurfacing over the corbelled section of the chimney top will allow water to shed away more efficiently. Chimney Pros uses a fiberglass reinforced fine aggregate masonry mix to resurface our chimney tops. The embedded fiberglass allows for a stronger surface structure and will prevent premature cracking and deterioration compared to traditional mortar mixes.

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